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About Attitude Media:

Attitude Media is a a diverse group of media ventures that are collaborations between John F. Groom, who serves as the central marketing and branding focus, and highly talented and specialized co-creators from around the globe. Here are some recent and forthcoming examples:; a wiki designed to encourage public participation in federal research spending, designed in collaboration with Boulder Hill Web Content of New Zealand.

A Kindle edition of the 2nd book in the Living Sanely Series, Life Changing Advice from People You Should Know.

Margin Call, a Graphic Novel, text by John F. Groom, illustrations by Alex Doig. Spring 2011.

A series of high end political tee shirts developed with graphic artist Adam Aharon of New York.

eBooks: Developed with Evil Ink of Canada:

  • The Real Case Against Goldman Sachs
  • The $1.8 Billion Dollar Man
  • Why Do we Get Up in the Morning

New Releases:

Margin CallMargin Call

A new graphic novel about Favela, who grew up in the brutal ghettos of Sao Paulo, Brazil. When he tried to improve his life, he was taunted for his background. He laughed and took the name of the ghetto for his own — he never intended to forget where he came from. While shining the shoes of a wealthy businessman he picked up a tip that he parlayed into a path to becoming a wildly successful trader. He had the combination of genetic intelligence combined with a savage life in poverty, but with a strong inherent sense of right and wrong. He was ruthless, but he never lied. When he came to Wall Street, he was disgusted by what he saw; great fortunes made by fraud, insider trading, or at taxpayer expense. Favela saw that the system was weak — but he was not. Some people needed help. Some people needed to die.

From Tragedy to TriumphFrom Tragedy to Triumph: 100 Amazing and Inspiring Comeback Stories is the third book in the Living Sanely Series. John Groom co-authored this book with Dr. David Noon, an associate professor of history at the University of Alaska Southeast.

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