Dubai – Trump’s Fantasy

Attitude Media publisher John F. Groom is traveling around the world. Yes, it’s a terrible hardship, but anything to entertain our readers.

Starting in New York, thus far we’ve been to Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, and, currently, Bali, Indonesia.

We’ve witnessed the mind boggling construction in Dubai, where, no matter where you stay, it will have been built within the last 6 months, and another skyscraper will be under construction right next door. Dubai is the town that Donald Trump would have built if only he had the money. Everything is huge and glossy, a monument to conspicuous consumption.

The work force is entirely imported, but suitably docile. Hotels have pictures of the ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who rules with absolute, but benevolent authority. His will be done. And whatever he really like is really big stuff; Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest mall, and it’s almost entirely upscale stores. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is on one end of the mall.

When the valet at our hotel asked us what kind of car we drove, and we told him and Audi A5 convertible, he looked at us with pity and said, “Well, sir, perhaps your luck will change”. People look at Ferraris as mid range cars.

Despite the fact that Dubai is on the other side of the world, it is basically an American city: many of the stores are American, English is spoken everywhere, and, while officially Islamic, it’s an extremely tolerant place where you see the same lack of clothing on the beach as, say, St. Tropez.

Yes, this is the town Trump would have built; if he had real money.

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