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The Lap Dog of CEOs is Named ISS

You know those little dogs that sit on the laps of rich women? Well, CEOs have them too. Their name is ISS.   If you own stocks, a mutual fund, a retirement fund or anything involved with the stock market, Institutional Shareholder Services is supposed to be looking out for you. Since most stocks are owned by mutual funds or index funds, there are very few people actually paying
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√   ∑   ∠   ∏   e=mc2   -----   duh  !  ?  @!  ...?

Sumner Welles (1892 - 1961) served as US Under Secretary of State for FDR from 1936 to 1943

""A drunken sot" and "A third or fourth rate man.""

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What does it mean to be a man now?

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US has only One Mass Transit System


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"John Groom also understands that man's nature is contradictory"


Thomas Middelhoff
Ex-Chief of Bertelsmann and former New York Times director

Living Large - and Bill it to the Company
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