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  • I'm an atheist, but I believe in art. I go to galleries like my mother went to church. It helps me to understand the way I live.
  • – Italian art collector, On art as religion

Mariko Art is a place to see new art, to discuss art, both old and new, and to meet other people who share your values in art. We also sell some art that fits our criteria, as well as providing recommended reading, both books and articles.

At one time ordinary people looked to art for inspiration, beauty, and a reaffirmation of all that was best within them and their world. That seems like a very long time ago. Now most people are bewildered by the art they see and read about; it seems incomprehensible, and/or offensive. The price and or fame of art seems to bear no relation to anything but its ability to seem novel and generate controversy; understanding art and art prices seem to be reserved for a tiny circle of insiders; very rich collectors, dealers, art critics, and, perhaps, some of the most famous artists based generally in New York or London.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the fashions of the art world, or learning about cutting edge work, Mariko Art is not for you. We’re not interested in irony, or art that primarily makes statements about art. If you’re interested in things like beauty, reason, and craftsmanship, we may have something to offer you.

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