FASHIONis a strange world.

Women and Men pay hundreds of dollars for jeans that look like they’ve been torn apart – because they have been. (Image – ripped jeans – “Lean on in Baby”)

Clothes are modeled by women that have bodes that don’t look at all like the bodies of most women – often the women are 6 feet or taller, and extremely thin. Everyone takes it for granted that this is what a model should look like, but why? Any why are these Amazonian women, often really girls, looking so serious as they strut the runway? Fashion is fun, right? You’re young, and healthy, and beautiful – maybe you could smile? (Yes, You Can be Too Skinny)

While female models don’t look anything like most women, male models are usually just better looking, more fit, but otherwise normal looking men. Except that you will often see a boyish looking 19 year modeling a suit that is really meant for 50 year old investment bankers. (Why Do Designers Put Boys in Men's Clothing?)

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