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The Craziest Jury Verdict Ever!

This message has been deleted in its entirety*           * Here at the Outrage, we rant long and loud about the stupidity of court decisions. But when we received our own jury summons, we did everything we could to get out of it. Now we realize that the root of the problem is staring at us in the mirror. So we’ve got no right to complain,
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√   ∑   ∠   ∏   e=mc2   -----   duh  !  ?  @!  ...?

Pierpaolo Piccioli

"When actor Ben Stiller was getting back into fashion mode for the sequel Zoolander No. 2, he called Piccioli to ask for advice. “If you have socks, you are not fashion,” Piccioli told Stiller. “He said why? And I said shush. I said, ‘You don’t try to understand. You just do not wear socks.’ “And also, if you put your arms into the sleeves of your coat, you are not fashion. Don’t ask why. But do not carry your bag anywhere but here.” Piccioli folds his arm with his palm face up and points to the crease in his elbow. “If you want to be fashion, these are the rules."

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Loser. Then Legend

1 for 26

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"John Groom also understands that man's nature is contradictory"


Thomas Middelhoff
Ex-Chief of Bertelsmann and former New York Times director

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